Migrating WordPress To A New Domain Name

wordpress-logoIt happens from time to time when you need to copy a wordpress installation to a new domain.  Let’s say you want to move your wordpress blog from olddomain.com to newdomain.com there are several ways to do so. You can use plugins, XML exports, but I found the simplest way to do so is to manually update the database.

Now here is a bash script I’ve made that will migrate your wordpress from one domain to another. Read more »

Managing WordPress Through The Command Line (CLI)

wordpress-logoKeeping up-to-date wordpress can take some time, especially when you manage multiple blogs. I recently found this amazing tool to manage WordPress through the command line. The tool is WP-CLI, it’s simple to use and so far has saved me lots of time. And above all keeps y blogs updated on the many security updates for Wwordpress and its many plugins. Read more »

Compiling PHP (with Php-fpm) For Nginx – Part 2

In the part 1 on compiling your own nginx + php-frm we’ve focus on nginx part of stack. In this part we will be adding the php-fpm daemon. Php-fpm is the way to go if you want to run php inside nginx. So let’s get started. Read more »

When Windows Icons Disapear

clearing the icon cache db windows 7Recently I unplugged my removable hard drive from my home computer to bring it to work. When I came back I noticed the shortcuts’ icons that where pointing to my drive were no longer showing. If for any reason your Windows icons start to show the default icon, even after you restored the missing files, then you need to rebuild your icon cache. Read more »

Compiling Nginx And PHP (with Php-fpm) – Part 1

LEMP stack - Linux - Nginx - MySQL - PHPI have been using nginx as a caching proxy for quite some time now, and have been very happy with the performance. I find it much easier to administer and performant. Now I’m also adding Nginx as the backend server. Here is how I manager to compile the latest version Nginx, php-fpm and a few modules.
Read more »

Tips On Finding A Domain Name

finding-a-domain-nameFinding a good domain name that is available is hard and it keeps getting harder.  Every time I try to search for a domain I do the same steps, so I’ve decided to document my process and hopefully it will help some people finding a good name for their website. Read more »

Three Letter Words To Use When Choosing A Domain Name

Three Letter Words To Use When Choosing A Domain NameI’ve built a filtered list of 3 letter words that can be used when searching for a domain name.  Basically I’ve take this list of common three letter words and removed words that I didn’t see used in a domain. Read more »